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Multi-Step Forms

Add the ability to create multi-step forms using the Avada form builder.

Avada Finder

Search for features, post, pages in Avada and trigger actions.  For example search for a post card and edit in the live builder.

Vertical Submenu Options

In Development

Add the ability to expand vertical submenus downwards rather than horizontally.  Also the ability to have a tiered vertical menu.

WooCommerce My Account & Order Pages

Add the ability to build other WooCommerce pages such as the my account, order confirmation and thank you.


WooCommerce Filters Element

Add a WooCommerce filter element with styling control and enhanced options beyond what the WooCommerce widget offers.


WooCommerce Mini Cart Element

Add a mini cart element with styling control which can be added to off canvas and other areas of your website.

Improved Nested Content Editing

Improve builder for nested content in other elements such as tabs.  Also improve nested column editing.

WooCommerce Wishlist & Catalogue Mode

Add in built-in features for having a WooCommerce wish list and the ability to set your shop to catalogue mode rather than allowing purchases.


Live Builder Dark Mode

Add a styling option for the live builder so you can enjoy the live builder with dark styling and reduced glare.

Table of Contents Element

In Development

Add an element to the layout builder which allows the table of contents to be automatically created based on post content.

Maintenance Mode

In Development

The ability to easily pick a page or layout and set your site into maintenance mode or coming soon.

Improved Multilingual Options

Improve integration with Polylang and WPML, making it easier to edit and manage multilingual layouts.  Language switcher element to give more styling and position control over language switcher.


WooCommerce Post Card Options

Add the ability to select variations in the post card cart.  Also improve the notification for when a product is being added to the cart.


Live Builder Navigator

A tool to show the structure of the page content while editing in the live builder.  Making it easier to re-arrange and target elements which might be overlapping other elements.


Instagram Element

A new element which allows Instagram feeds to be displayed in different ways.


Sticky Columns

Add in the possibility to have sticky columns.

Complete How To Video Series

A series of videos showing you the full process of building a fully functional and successful website using Avada.

Official ThemeFusion Services

Official installation, maintenance, optimization and customization services offered by the team behind Avada.

Avada Experts

A place for freelancers to advertise their services and for customers to find, hire and rate a developer.

Extend Dynamic Data

Add dynamic data options to more elements.  Also add more types of dynamic data options, for example dynamic colors.

Extend Conditional Rendering

Add more options to the conditional rendering.  To check ACF values, custom fields and more.


Extend Post Cards

Extend the functionality of post cards.  More display options, more post card elements and more dynamic options to have conditional content based on the post.

Email Builder

Build your own email templates using Avada builder.  Use those emails templates with Avada forms and to market to your website visitors.

Shortcode & CSS Refactor

Change the way builder content is saved.  Move away from shortcodes to split JSON and HTML.  Refactor element CSS and JS for more optimal delivery.  Reduce DOM node count where possible

Extended Responsive Control

Add responsive options for more element options.  Improve background image selection for mobile.  More design control for mobile.

SEO Enhancements

Improve the SEO options available and enhance the compatibility with SEO plugins such as Yoast and Rank Math.

Events Calendar Builder

Allow single event posts and archives to be built using the Avada builder. Provide stronger integration with Events Calendar.


Off Canvas Builder

Build popups, sliding bars, flyout menus, notification boxes and modals with the full power of the Avada off canvas builder.

Poll Voting Feature

The functionality used for this page.

Developer Tools & Documentation

Add more developer focused documentation and tools to make extending Avada easier.

Avada Slider Update

Add new features to the Avada Slider and improve functionality.

Easier Website Management

Offer the ability to manage multiple Avada websites from the same place.  Easier to apply patches, updates and more.

Blog/CPT Control

Added the post cards and post cards archives element.  Allow you to build the display and then pull in any custom post type to display in a grid, slider or carousel.

Marketing Enhancements

Ability to split test, further integration with HubSpot and email design tools.


Auto Reply Email

Extend the submission options in the form builder and provide more control over the emails it sends.

Performance Refactor

Various JS files removed.  CSS refactored and made more conditional.  New performance wizard, video facade, jQuery deferring option and critical CSS generation.  

Side Header Builder

Allow the creation of side headers in the Avada Builder. Full design control like with the top header.

Mega Menu Builder

In Development

The ability to build your own mega menu using the Avada Builder. Offer more menu styles such as off-canvas.

Element Positioning & Animations

Allow elements to be positioned absolutely or fixed. Also add transition effects on scroll and hover.

Gutenberg Enhancements

Add Avada elements to Gutenberg and add further integration between Avada Builder and Gutenberg.

Mobile Performance Improvements

Conditional rendering, above the fold optimization, critical CSS and CLS fixes for mobile to improve performance.  Refactored all prebuilt websites for better performance.


Prebuilt Library

Add prebuilt layouts, containers, columns and elements.  Allow these to be easily imported directly into the builder to speed up website creation.

WooCommerce Builder

Allow single products and shop pages to be build using the Avada Builder.  Add more design options to customize your WooCommerce store.


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