Fusion Builder General Settings


The Fusion Builder has a vast array of options and settings that allow you to configure the Fusion Builder to suit your preferences and website environment. These options include activating and deactivating the Fusion Builder on custom post types, enabling or disabling Fusion Builder Elements to improve performance, and exporting or importing your Fusion Builder settings. Continue reading below to learn more about these settings.

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Access Fusion Builder Settings

Before you can access the Fusion Builder Settings, you must first install and activate the Fusion Builder Plugin.

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How To Access Fusion Builder Settings

Step 1 – Navigate to the Fusion Builder > Settings tab on your WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2 – On the Settings tab, you’ll find all of Fusion Builder’s available settings.

Step 3 – Customize these settings to your liking, then click ‘Save Settings’ to save your changes.

Fusion Builder Setting Tab

Fusion Builder Auto Activation

The ‘Fusion Builder Auto Activation’ option allows you to enable or disable the Fusion Builder user interface by default when creating or editing a page, or post. When active, the Fusion Builder will automatically be displayed when creating or editing a new page or post. Otherwise, the default WordPress content editor field will be displayed. Simply toggle the option to On to enable, or Off to disable.

Fusion Builder Auto Activation

Disable/Enable Fusion Builder Elements

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use with caution! Disabling a Fusion Builder Element will disable it from all existing pages or posts. Disabled elements will render as regular code snippets on the front end.

Under the ‘Fusion Builder Elements’ section on the ‘Settings’ tab, you’ll find a checklist of all existing Fusion Builder Elements. Disabling Fusion Builder Elements can increase performance and speed. Please be aware that disabling an element will disbale it from all existing pages or posts. Disabled elements will render as code snippets, instead. Simply check the checkbox of the element you’d like to enable, or uncheck to disable.

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Activate/Deactivate Fusion Builder on Custom Post Types

Under the ‘Post Types’ section on the ‘Settings’ tab, you’ll find a checklist of all your existing custom post types. Using these settings, you can activate or deactivate the Fusion Builder on custom post types. Simply check the checkbox of the custom post type you’d like to activate the Fusion Builder in, or uncheck to disable it.

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Import/Export Fusion Builder Content

You can also export your entire Fusion Builder settings and content which you can use as a backup, or import to another Avada installation.


You can choose to export your entire Fusion Builder content (saved containers, columns, or elements), or just your full page templates. Simply click the appropriate button and an XML file containing your saved content will be downloaded to your computer.


To import your Fusion Builder content, simply upload the XML file with your saved content and click the ‘Import’ button and wait for it to finish loading.

Fusion Builder Import / Export Content

Fusion Builder Elements Customizations

If you’d like to customize each Fusion Builder Element globally, you can do so by going to the Avada > Theme Options panel, then switching to the Fusion Builder Elements tab. On this tab, you can globally customize each element to your liking. If you’d like to customize each Fusion Builder Element individually, then you can do so by editing each element while building your page or post.

Fusion Builder Elements Customization

You can also access these Element Global Options when you are in Fusion Builder Live. Simply click the Toggle Sidebar icon on the Toolbar, and choose the Theme Options Tab. Scroll down to the penultimate option, called Fusion Builder Elements, and here you can also set the global defaults for the Elements.

Fusion Builder Element Options - Fusion Builder Live