How To Add Or Reduce Space Between Elements


There are several ways to do this, and several areas you may need to do it on. Please see below.

1. To Add Or Reduce Space In The Page/Post Content Field – Use the separator shortcode, it can take positive or negative values for both top and bottom margins. The portion is a pixel value, but do not use the “px” after it. This is the perfect shortcode to use to add or reduce space on a certain page or post. See below for examples.

To add space, use a positive number.

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To reduce space, use a negative number.

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2. To Add Or Reduce Space At the Top or Bottom of The Main Content Area – The main content area (area directly between the header and footer where all your content goes) has padding applied at the top and bottom. You can adjust each globally in theme options > styling tab. Or you can change it individually per page or post in the page options box. The options are called “Page Content Top Padding” and “Page Content Bottom Padding”.