How The Fusion Builder Works


Unlike the old Fusion Builder, the new Fusion Builder requires all columns and elements to be contained within a Container. This is to make sure your layout remains clean and distinguishable. To learn more about this process, as well as how to activate the Fusion Builder on pages or posts, please continue reading below.

AVADA & WORDPRESS 5.0 COMPATIBILITY: WordPress version 5.0 was released on December 6th, adding the Gutenberg editing experience to the WordPress core. We have prepared a comprehensive article, WordPress 5.0, Avada, & You. All That You Need To Know, to keep you abreast of progress.

Activating The Fusion Builder On Pages/Posts

Once you’ve activated Avada’s required plugins, Fusion Core and Fusion Builder, you can now use the Fusion Builder to build your pages or posts, and even custom post types. To activate the Fusion Builder, simply click the ‘Use Fusion Builder’ button on any page or post that you create.

Activate Fusion Builder Button

If you don’t see this button, the Fusion Builder may not be enabled for that page, post or custom post type. To enable or disable the Fusion Builder on Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types, please read our article linked in the button below.

How To Enable/Disable The Fusion Builder For Post Types

Fusion Builder Content Creation Process

When creating pages or posts with the new Fusion Builder, you must follow the correct process. The correct process is to add a Container first, then Columns, then Elements.

Step 1 – Add A Container

Before you can add any other columns or elements on the page, you must first add a Container. This way, the columns and elements stay intact.

Step 2 – Add Columns

Once you’ve added a Container, you’ll be asked to choose your desired column layout. Choose from numerous layouts or single columns.

Add Elements

Step 3 – Add Elements

After setting up Columns, click the ‘Element’ button to bring up the elements window and select the Elements you’d like to add.

Building Post Content With Fusion Builder Elements

In the new Fusion Builder, you can add any Container, Column or Element wherever you are on the editor. This allows you to maximize your time when designing and building your site. To learn more about this and how to add Containers, Columns and Elements into the Fusion Builder, please read our article linked below.

More Detailed Info Here