Fusion Builder Welcome Screen


The Fusion Builder is our own standalone plugin, which you have to install and activate, to use with the theme. Once you’ve installed and activated the Fusion Builder plugin, you’ll gain access to the Fusion Builder’s Welcome Screen.

On this screen, you’ll find plenty of useful information and essential options and settings. Continue reading below for more information about various tabs on the the Fusion Builder welcome screen.

Fusion Builder Welcome Screen Tabs
Learn More About The Fusion Builder Plugin
Learn How To Use The Fusion Builder


  • Welcome tab – This tab is where you’ll find the Fusion Builder Guided Tour video, as well as other information about the Fusion Builder.

  • Support tab – This tab is where you can find links to our documentation, knowledgebase, and community forum. You will also find a link to submit a support ticket.
  • FAQ tab – This tab is where you can read Frequently Asked Questions that will help you familiarize yourself with the Fusion Builder.
  • Settings tab – This tab is where you can find various settings and options for the Fusion Builder.
  • Library tab – This tab is where you can manage and edit your saved Fusion Builder Library items.

  • Add Ons tab – This tab is where you can find available add ons for the Fusion Builder.
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Welcome tab

Under the ‘Welcome’ tab, you can watch our Fusion Builder Quick Guided Tour video to learn more about the Fusion Builder’s new features. We’ve also included a short overview of the Fusion Builder’s major key features.

Fusion Builder Welcome Tab

Support tab

Under the Support tab, you’ll find quick links to our Fusion Builder documentation that will help you get started. You’ll find articles on how to use the new Fusion Builder, the Fusion Builder plugin, and the like.

Fusion Builder Support Tab

FAQ tab

Under the FAQ tab, you’ll find our Frequently Asked Questions section to help answer some common questions about the Fusion Builder. If you don’t find the answer to your question on this tab, we also offer a link to our more in depth documentation, knowledgebase archives and tutorial videos.

Fusion Builder FAQ Tab

Settings tab

Under the Settings tab, you’ll find essential options for the Fusion Builder. These options include the Builder’s Auto Activation option, Fusion Builder Elements options, Post Type options, as well as Import and Export Fusion Builder Content options. Take advantage of these options and personalize the Fusion Builder’s functionalities to your liking.

Learn More About The Fusion Builder Settings
Fusion Builder Settings Tab

Library tab

Under the Library tab, you’ll find all the essential functions for the Fusion Builder Library. Here you can manage your Fusion Builder Library saved items – you can sort, edit, and delete all your saved items in one place, from Elements, Columns, Containers, and even saved Page Templates.

Learn More About The Fusion Builder Library
Fusion Builder Settings Tab

Add-Ons tab

Under the Add Ons tab, you’ll find add ons for the Fusion Builder created by third party developers. These add ons include custom elements, plugins, etc. New ones are constantly being added, so keep checking back! If you’d like to contribute, please read our ‘Add Ons System’ article linked below.

Learn More About The Add Ons System For Developers
Fusion Builder Addons Tab