Inline Elements


You may have noticed that some of our existing Elements have not had a specific Builder Element in Fusion Builder. With Avada 5.7, we have added these Elements to the Fusion Builder, but they are greyed out to show that they are Inline Elements. These elements are meant to be used in conjunction with text or content, and not directly on their own. Please read below for the list of our different Inline Elements, as well as how to insert them.

Why Is It Setup This Way?

Because these elements are meant to be used in conjunction with other content. Let’s use a Dropcap as an example. Whenever you use a Dropcap, it has to go along with text or paragraph to fulfil it’s function. If not, it wouldn’t really make sense on the page. With that in mind, you have to insert text content using the standard WordPress Content Editor, then use the Element Generator to add a Dropcap element.

Inline Element List

  • Dropcap Element

  • Highlight Element

  • One Page Text Link Element
  • Popover Element
  • Tooltip Element

Why Can’t I Edit Inline Elements Inside The Fusion Builder?

When you add a new Element via the Fusion Builder, you will see a dialog with the wide range of available Elements. All Inline Elements are greyed out and can’t be clicked/edited inside of the Fusion Builder. These Elements are only accessible via the Element Generator, inside of the default WordPress Editor. Click here to learn how to use Inline Elements.

Fusion Builder Content Based Elements

Using Inline Elements

The Inline Elements are designed to be added via the Element Generator within the WordPress Content Editor. Follow this short example to see how.

Step 1 – Add any element that allows for plain text or HTML to be inserted via the WordPress Content Editor. For example, the Text Block element.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Settings’ icon on the Text Block element to bring up the element’s options window.

Step 3 – Locate the WordPress content editor field. On the toolbar, you’ll find the Element Generator icon which looks like the Fusion Builder logo. Click the ‘Element Generator’ icon to bring up the Elements window.

Step 4 – On the ‘Builder Elements’ tab, find the Inline element you’d like to add. Once located, click on it to bring up the options window.

Step 5 – Once done, click ‘Insert’. You can then add content into the Text Block Element as needed. Once you’re done, click ‘Save’ to save your changes.