Creating Widget Areas


Avada allows you to create unlimited amount of widget areas, and these widget areas can be assigned to several areas of the site such as the sidebars, footer columns, sliding bar columns, mega menu columns and the Fusion Builder Widget Area element. To learn more about widget ready areas, please see this article. Please see the steps below to understand how to create a widget area.

How To Create A Widget Area

Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and click the ‘Add New Widget Area’ button. Give it a name then save it. You can add as many widget areas as you need.

Step 2 – Once created, you’ll see your new widget area on the right side.

Step 3 – On the left side, you will see all the widgets you can use.

Step 4 – Simply drag and drop the widget you want into your widget area. You can then customize the widget to your liking.

Step 5 – You can rearrange the order of widgets on a widget area by simply dragging the widgets to place.

Step 5 – Make sure you click the ‘Save’ button to save the widgets added to your widget area.

Creating Widget Areas