Adding Widgets To Widget Sections

Adding Widgets To Widget Sections


Avada includes a wide array of custom widgets in addition to the default widgets WordPress offers. All widgets are found in the Appearance > Widgets tab on your WordPress admin panel. There are various customization options and fields for each individual widget, and they are all self explanatory. You can put as many widgets as you want inside of a widget section. Please read below for information on how to add widgets to widget sections.

How To Add Widgets To Widget Sections

Before you can add widgets to widget sections, you must first create your widget sections. To learn how to create widget sections, please see our Creating Widget Sections article here. Once that's done, you can then assign widgets. Each widget has their own options which you can customize once you assign them to a widget section.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Appearance > Widgets tab to access the list of widgets and widget sections. The left hand side shows all the widgets you can use. The right hand side shows all the different widget sections you can add widgets to.

Step 2 - Simply drag and drop the widget you'd like to add into your chosen widget section on the right side.

Step 3 - To rearrange widgets on a widget section, just drag and drop the widgets into the order you'd like.

Step 4 - When finished, make sure to click the 'Save' button in the widget editing box to save your changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you've created widget sections and added widgets to them, you can then assign them to different areas of your site. Please see our Assigning Widget Sections article.

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