Multilingual Management With WPML And Avada



WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is one of the most popular translation plugins on the market. With WPML you can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. We work directly with the WPML team to guarantee 100% compatibility between Avada and the WPML plugin.

WPML Plugin


To get started with Avada and WPML, you will need:

  • A recent version of Avada (5.0.3 or above). The current version of Avada is 7.0.2 (Released on August 12th, 2020)
  • A recent version of WPML (version 3.7 or above), including the String Translation, Translation Management and Media translation add-ons.

Translating Your Content

With WPML and Avada, you can translate pages and posts and Avada Elements added to any page or post, using the Fusion Builder. The following Fusion Builder Elements are currently supported by WPML:







Content Boxes


Counter Boxes

Counter Circles



Flip Boxes

Font Awesome Icon

Fusion Slider


Google Map


Image Before & After

Image Carousel

Layer Slider


Menu Anchor


Modal Text Link



Post Slider

Pricing Table

Progress Bar

Recent Posts

Section Separator


Sharing Box


Social Links


Syntax Highlighter



Tagline Box


Text Block



Translate Pages Built With The Fusion Builder Video

WPML allows you to manually enable the translation of additional Avada Theme/Fusion Builder elements and element attributes. For more detail on that, please read their documentation or watch the video below:

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Translating Fusion Builder Global Elements, Columns, and Containers

Translation support for global elements, rows, and sections is  now supported by:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS (4.0.6 or above)
  • WPML String Translation (2.8.6 or above)
  • WPML Translation Management (2.6.6 or above)
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WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor

WPML also offer an Advanced Translation Editor. The editor comes with key features like machine translation, a glossary, translation memory, spell checker, HTML-less editing, and more. To use it, it needs to be first activated on the WPML -> Settings page.

The main features it offers are these:

  • HTML Markers – The Advanced Translation Editor allows visual translation without having to edit HTML.

  • Machine Translation – The Advanced Translation Editor allows you to auto-translate the whole page at once, or a specific sentence you are currently editing. It supports most of the world languages.

  • Translation Memory – The Advanced Translation Editor breaks the content into sentences, allowing the editor to keep track of all the translated text. If there are repetitions, the editor will find and auto-complete the same phrases for you.

  • Glossary – The Advanced Translation Editor contains a Glossary, that allows you to inform translators of important keywords and phrases for which you want to suggest translations.

  • Spell checker – The built-in spell checker helps you avoid spelling errors and typos.

Please see the video below from WPML for more information, outlining the features offered by the Advanced Translation Editor.

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Documentation & Resources

Below you will find documentation the WPML team has created, for using the WPML plugin specifically with Avada. If you’ve purchased WPML and have any questions or issues, please check the links below.

WPML Plugin