Included Language Files


Before attempting to make your own translations, we suggest checking the pre-created language files that ships with Avada. All these files have been contributed by our amazing users and the amount of translated strings might vary.

How To Use A Pre-Created Language File

Step 1 – Download language files from our GitHub Repo here.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Clone or download’ button on the upper right corner and choose ‘Download ZIP’ to download the language files.

Step 3 – The download contains three sub folder: Avada, fusion-core and fusion-builder. The Avada folder contains the main translation files for the theme, while the other folders contain those for the corresponding required plugins.

Step 4 – Copy the .po and .mo files of your selected language to your WordPress install. For Avada language files, paste them to the wp-content/languages/themes folder. For plugin language files, paste them to the wp-content/languages/plugins folder. For detailed explanation of the storage locations, take a look here: Storing Translation Files.

Step 5 – Login to WP-admin dashboard and navigate to the Settings > General tab.

Step 6 – Find the Site Language option and select the language you’ve just added from the dropdown. For example, if you’ve added Avada-de_DE.po and .mo, you would select ‘German’ (Deutsch) from the dropdown.