Automatic Translation Updates


New in Avada 6.1, we now offer automatic translation updates. 

Any time there is an updated translation, you will be notified in the Dashboard > Updates area, and you just need to click the ‘Update Translations’ button, which will update the language files of Avada theme and plugins, for which newer translations are available.

When there is a theme update, it works a little differently. If you update Avada, then once the theme update is complete, you will see the ‘Update Translations’ button at the bottom of the Updates screen. This is because the translations for a theme update can only be installed AFTER the update is complete. You can download the language updates for Avada at that time, however, if you continue directly to updating the required plugins, as is usually the next step when updating Avada, WordPress updates the Avada theme language files automatically.

Then, when the plugins have been updated, again you will again see an ‘Update Translations’ button at the bottom of the Update screen. This time, they are the updated translations for the Fusion Core and Fusion Builder plugins. Just click Update, and they will also be updated automatically.

Please note, that custom translation files in wp-content/languages/plugins and wp-content/languages/themes will get overwritten on update – just like it happens for all other WP plugins & themes.

If you have translations for your own language, you should contribute these translations, either by submitting a Pull Request in our repository or by sending an email to support, who will take care of the submission for you.

In essence, our products now work just like plugins/themes hosted in the repository:

  • translations & updates are handled automatically.
  • users contribute translations.
Update Translations

Don’t Want Automatic Updates?

No problem. In Avada 6.1.1, we have added an option to Enable or Disable the Language updates. This can be found at the top of the Theme Features tab, found at Theme Options > Advanced > Theme Features. Just set your preference there. The default is Enabled.