Importing Demo Sliders


Avada includes various sliders in the individual demos. When you import a full demo, sliders used in that demo will import, as long as you have the slider plugins activated before you import the demo. For more information on importing demos, see our Importing Avada Demos doc, or our How To Import Avada Demos video.

Users can however, also import / export individual sliders if they wish. Each slider has its own method of importing, so follow the links for the slider you wish to know about.

  • Slider Revolution – Details On How To Import / Export Slider Revolution Sliders

  • Layer SliderDetails On How To Import / Export LayerSlider Sliders

  • Fusion SliderDetails On How To Import / Export Fusion Sliders

Common Questions & Issues

Slider Alias or ID Not Found For Layer or Revolution Slider

If you already have sliders made, or something goes wrong during the import due to low server memory, its possible that our demo sliders may not be applied to the pages. You may see an error such as Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Avada_Full_Width not found or LayerSlider cannot be found. Sliders are applied by the Slider ID. Each slider gets its own unique ID and they are given in numerical order. If you open up a page after importing the content, and you see an error like that, you only need to edit the page and assign the slider to the page. To verify you have the sliders, go to the Layer or Revolution Slider section of your admin to see them listed. If you do not see them, then you can import the sliders separately.

Slider Images

The demo sliders are mainly useful to see our settings and see how we built the slides. You need to replace the images with your own because the images are not licensed for your usage. Its very important that you replace each image with your own, the slider may not work if you miss one image so be careful when using these. Check each and every sub layer to ensure it does not have a missing image.