Portfolio Post Global Options


Options to help you customize your Portfolio in general are located in the Avada > Theme Options > Portfolio > General Portfolio tab on your WP admin panel. These options are global options which will affect your Portfolio archive pages (e.g. your category / tag archive pages).

Portfolio Archive Layout - Illustrated as A. Controls the layout for the portfolio archive pages. Choose between Grid or Masonry.

Portfolio Archive Featured Image Size - Illustrated as B. Controls if the featured image size is fixed (cropped) or auto (full image ratio) for portfolio archive pages. Choose between Fixed or Auto. Note: Fixed will use a uniform image size generated by the theme. Auto will use the image's natural size and scale according to your layout in proportion with itself.

Portfolio Archive Number of Columns - Illustrated as C. Controls the number of columns per row for portfolio archive pages. With Carousel layout this specifies the maximum amount of columns. This ranges from 1 - 6. Note: Masonry layout does not work with 1 column.

Portfolio Archive Column Spacing - Illustrated as D. Controls the column spacing for portfolio items for archive pages. This is a pixel unit.

Equal Heights - Illustrated as E. Allows you to display grid boxes with equal heights per row. Choose between On or Off.

Portfolio Archive Content Position - Illustrated as F. Select if title, terms, and excerpts should be displayed below or next to the featured images. Choose between Below Image or Next to Image.

Number of Portfolio Items Per Archive Page - Illustrated as G. Controls how many portfolio items to display on the portfolio archive page. -1 will display all and 0 will use the number set in WP Admin > Settings > Reading.

Portfolio Archive Text Layout - Illustrated as H. Controls if the portfolio text content is displayed boxed or unboxed or is completely disabled for portfolio archive pages. Choose between No Text, Boxed, or Unboxed.

Portfolio Archive Text Display - Illustrated as I. Controls how to display the post excerpt for portfolio archive pages. Choose between No Text, Excerpt, or Full Content.

Portfolio Archive Excerpt Length - Illustrated as J. Controls the number of words in the excerpts for portfolio archive pages.

Strip HTML from Excerpt - Illustrated as K. Allows you to strip HTML from the excerpt for portfolio archive pages. Choose between On or Off. Choose On to strip HTML, or Off to keep it.

Portfolio Archive Title Display - Illustrated as L. Controls what displays with the portfolio post title and categories for portfolio archive pages. Choose between Title and Categories, Only Title, Only Categories, or None.

Portfolio Archive Text Alignment - Illustrated as M. Controls the alignment of the portfolio title, categories and excerpt text when using the Portfolio Text layouts in portfolio archive pages. Choose between Left, Center, or Right.

Portfolio Archive Text Layout Padding - Illustrated as N. Controls the padding for the portfolio text layout when using boxed mode in portfolio archive pages.

Portfolio Archive Pagination Type - Illustrated as O. Controls the pagination type for portfolio archive pages. Choose between Pagination, Infinite Scroll, or Load More Button.

Load More Posts Button Color - Illustrated as P. Controls the background color of the load more button for ajax post loading for portfolio archive pages.

Portfolio Slug - Illustrated as Q. Allows you to set a custom permalink when you use %postname% for your WordPress site's permalink structure. This slug name cannot be the same name as a page name or the layout will break.

Meta Data Font Size - Illustrated as R. Controls the font size for meta data text. Enter value including any valid CSS unit, ex: 13px.