Portfolio Filters


Portfolio Filters are most commonly used to sort your Portfolio items. You can use categories or tags that you've assigned to posts as filters and you can show filters on Grid or Masonry Portfolio layouts. The filter bar allows your viewers to sort posts easily by a category or tag they're interested in, for a better user experience. Continue reading below to learn how to apply filters, and how they work.

Tags and Categories

Portfolio filters are categories and/or tags assigned to your Portfolio posts. When any given post can be seen by users on the frontend, the categories or tags assigned to it will be in the Portfolio's filter bar. If you're not sure how to add categories or tags to your portfolio posts, you can follow the link below to get more information on creating Portfolio posts and the editor interface.

Read More About Creating Portfolio Posts

How To Enable Portfolio Filters In The Portfolio Element

Step 1 - Edit the Portfolio Element by hovering over the element in the Fusion Builder and clicking the pencil icon button.

Step 2 - In the Show Filters option, you can choose Yes, Yes Without "All", or No. Select "Yes" or "Yes without All".

Step 3 - In the "Pull Posts By" setting, choose whether you'll be using Categories or Tags to filter your posts.

Step 4 - In the available tags / categories field, enter the respective terms of the posts you'd like to display. Leave this option blank to display all categories or tags.

Step 5 - In the "Posts Per Page" option, select the number of posts you would like to display at one time in the Element. This can go up to 25.

Show Portfolio Filters Options

  • Yes / Show - Selecting this option will show all the categories or tags of the posts currently being displayed. This option also includes an All filter on the frontend.
  • Yes Without "All"/ Show Without "All" - Selecting this option will show all the categories or tags of the posts currently being displayed. This option does not include an All filter, so the posts showing will always be limited to a specific category or tag group.
  • No / Hide - Selecting this option will hide all filters entirely.

Important Portfolio Filter Information

Filters will only work for posts that are actually on the current page. For example, a filter on page 1 cannot pull posts from page 2. Please see other important information below about filter behavior.

"All" Filter

You can choose to display an All filter to display all your posts, along side all the filters of the posts currently being displayed. On the other hand, you can also choose to just display the filters of the posts being displayed without the All filter. If the All filter is not used, the first filter is auto activated and only portfolio posts belonging to that category will be displayed on the page. View screenshot here.

Posts Per Page

When setting the number of posts that are displayed on the page, keep in mind that the only filters that will appear on a page filters of categories or tags assigned to the currently displayed posts. For example, if you have a total of 10 filters, and there are only 4 posts on a page with 4 different categories or tags, only those 4 terms will appear as filters on that page. Filters cannot pull posts from other pages. View screenshot here.

Infinite Scrolling

Currently, only filters from the categories of the first batch of posts that load on your page will appear above your posts. We've made it so when you scroll down the page to load more posts, the filters will automatically update to include any categories it may have excluded beforehand. Also, when you're viewing a certain filter and load more posts, only posts within that filter will be shown. View screenshot here.