Featured Image Size Options


Every portfolio post you create requires a featured image. The feature image that you upload for a portfolio post will display on it's Single Post Page, the Portfolio Element, Archive/Category Page, and also the Recent Works widget. Avada has different settings to customize the featured image that is displayed. Please see below for more information regarding the two different size options.

Portfolio Featured Image Size Options

Fixed Setting For Featured Image Sizes

The Fixed setting will crop each featured image to be the same size on the when displayed on the Portfolio Element. This gives a consistent look because each image is cropped to have the same width & height. View sample image here.

A Site Width of 940px will best display featured images set to Fixed. This option has to generate a predetermined image size for several conditions, and the sizes are based off of a 940px site width. We cannot generate a predetermined size for all site width possibilities, so we chose to base it off a more common site width setting of 940px. If you use a site width larger than 940px, use the 'Auto' setting which is explained below.

Auto Setting For Featured Image Sizes

The Auto setting will allow each featured image to show at their own respective original ratio (not cropped) on the Portfolio Element. This results in a Masonry layout since the images you're uploading may not be exactly the same size as one another. View sample image here.

If you want a consistent Grid layout using the Auto setting, simply make sure the images you're uploading are the same size dimensions, or the same ratio. For example, if all the images are 1000px x 500px, they will look consistent in width and height and therefore give you a Grid layout. Alternatively, if some images are 1000px x 500px and others are 500px x 250px, they will still look consistent since they are the same 2 to 1 ratio.

Portfolio Featured Image Option Locations

Fusion Theme Options

Navigate to Theme Options > Portfolio > General Portfolio panel to find the 'Portfolio Featured Image Size' option. This is a global setting that will affect all Portfolio Element instances. To override this setting on a per element basis, simply set a different setting on the Portfolio Element itself.

Portfolio Element Options

The Portfolio Element can be used on any page or post where the Fusion Builder is enabled. This element has a 'Picture Size' option that overrides the 'Portfolio Featured Image Size' option in Fusion Theme Options. To keep the global settings in Fusion Theme Options, select 'Default' in the Element options.

NEW FEATURE: Thumbnails of featured images set on your Blog posts, Portfolio posts, FAQ items, and Fusion Slider are now shown on the Posts, Portfolio, FAQs, and Fusion Sliders lists on the admin dashboard for your convenience. See example here.