Creating Custom Portfolio Layouts with the Avada Theme Builder


With the introduction of Avada 6.2, and the Avada Theme Builder, it is now easy to create completely custom Layouts for your Portfolio pages. The two main Portfolio related areas you can create custom Layouts for are the Single Portfolio Page, and the Archives page.

With the introduction of Layout Section Elements, and with the help of Dynamic Content within normal Design Elements, you can build virtually any layout you can think of, using the full power of the Fusion Builder. And using the power of Conditional Layouts, you can specify exactly when and where your Layout will be used. You could make a Custom Layout for ALL single portfolio pages, just for a single portfolio post, or category etc, or you could also just exclude a single post of category. The Conditions can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Custom Portfolio Post Layout

If you want to create a Custom Layout for your Single Portfolio Post pages, create a Custom Layout (found under Fusion Builder > Theme Builder) and start by setting the Conditions on the Layout to show it on all single portfolio items in the Layout Conditions dialog (Portfolio > All Portfolio).  You can then build your Layout using various Custom Layout Sections.

When building the Content Layout Section, you will find the Layout Section Elements, most of which you will use to design the content section of the Single Portfolio Post Layout. These dynamic elements pull the required data from the database based on the conditions of the layout, and for a Portfolio Single Post Layout, you could choose from such Elements as Pagination, Content, Author, Featured Images Slider, and Project Details to design your layout.

See the video below for a rundown on how to Build a Custom Portfolio Layout, and check out the menu items on the Restaurant Demo, which use a Custom Portfolio layout.

Portfolio Archives Layout

You might also want to create a Custom Layout for your Portfolio Archives pages. Just remember, that a Custom Layout can include as little or as much as you want.

You may just want to add a Custom Page Title Bar, or Custom Footer, but you might also want to customise the Content Layout Section of the page. For this, there is the Archive Element, one of the Layout Section Elements, as well as the other Layout Section and normal design elements. See the How To Use The Layout Section Elements video for more info on this.

If you don’t set a Custom Content Layout Section, your Archives layout will be controlled from the Portfolio Archives Layout Options, found under the Theme Options > General Portfolio tab.

See the video below for a rundown on how to build a Custom Archives Layout.