Avada’s Required Plugins


The Avada Website Builder includes two required plugins – Avada Core & Avada Builder.

When you first install Avada, you will be prompted to install the required plugins, via a link to the plugin page, where a single click will install each of these required plugins. It’s the same with updates. When Avada is updated, updates for Avada Core and Avada Builder will be available as well, and again, a single click will update each of the plugins. It’s that simple.

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Avada Builder

The Avada Builder is our freshly renamed (from Fusion Builder) custom built page builder. It is intuitive, performance enhanced, user friendly and packed with useful features that save you precious time and are a joy to use. Avada Builder plays a major role in site creation and is a vital part of the Avada ecosystem since it allows for quick and easy site creation and customization. There is a back-end interface, and now with Avada Live, a new front-end one as well, so you can choose your preferred way of building. Both have pretty much the same settings and features, and just provide different interfaces to do the same job.

Avada Builder Info
Fusion Builder PLugin

Current version 3.1.1

Avada Core

The Avada Core is Avada’s companion plugin, and is required to be installed, alongside the required Avada Builder plugin for the Avada Website Builder to operate as intended.

Fusion Builder PLugin

Current version 5.1.1

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