Setting Up Contact Page

Setting Up Contact Page


Avada includes a Contact page with a built in contact form. We also have included integration with reCAPTCHA that gives users protection against spam. Users need to setup their reCAPTCHA key, as well as other items for the Contact Us page.

How To Create The Contact Page

Step 1 - Create a new page, and give it any name you wish.

Step 2 - In the Page Attributes box on the right hand side, set the Template option to Contact from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 - Insert your content into the editor field, such as a heading and text.

Step 4 - To insert Google Maps, your email address and reCAPTCHA key for the form, please navigate to Avada > Theme Options > Contact Form. The Contact tab also holds various options to customize the map and its various elements.

Step 5 - Choose to use a sidebar or have no sidebar. Please refer to the Assigning Sidebars section of our documentation for instructions on how to use sidebars.

How To Set Your reCAPTCHA Keys

Step 1 - Click Here To Register Your Domain In reCAPTCHA.

Step 2 - Once you register your website using the form, it will give you a Site key and a Secret key.

Step 3 - Under the reCAPTCHA Spam Options in Avada > Theme Options > Contact Form, copy the Site key into the ReCaptcha Site Key field, and the Secret key into the ReCaptcha Secret Key field.

Step 4 - Save your settings when done, then the reCAPTCHA box will show up directly below your contact form.

Common Issues & Questions

1. Google Map Will not Display

There could be a few reasons for this, please see this post for each one.

2. Ensure Content Is Correct

Use a correct address and not a Google Map embed code, or longitude/latitude. It has to be a written address. For example, 775 New York Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, New York 11203.

3. Valid Copyright Information

The copyright text has to have complete, valid HTML markup. Valid HTML is required for the theme to function properly. Please make sure to format the HTML correctly anywhere so that issues like this don’t happen.

4. 3rd Party Plugin Conflict

Third party plugins may be conflicting with the map feature. Please disable any plugins that were not included with Avada to see it if fixes the issue. If it does, enable the plugins one by one to find the culprit.

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