How Options Work


The Advanced Options Network is the backbone of Avada. These options give you full control over your website and allow you to customize the design without touching a single line of code. There are three major groups of options you can utilize within Avada, Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options and Fusion Builder Element Options.

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Avada’s Advanced Options Network

Avada is, and has been for a fairly long time, the only theme available on the market with a well established and highly flexible advanced options network, that gives you maximum design flexibility and freedom without the need for code. Continue reading below to learn about each one.

    • Fusion Theme Options – Located under the Avada > Theme Options tab on your WordPress admin sidebar. These options are global options that affect your entire site.
    • Fusion Page Options – Located within every page and post. These options only apply to the page or post they’re set in.
    • Fusion Builder Element Options – Located within each fusion builder element. These options will only affect the single element instance they’re set in.

    How Avada’s Option Network Relate To Each Other

    Fusion Page Options and Fusion Builder Element Options will use the Fusion Theme Options value if left empty or if the value is set to default. They will override Fusion Theme Options if any other value is set. This setup gives users maximum flexibility for setting a global theme option, then being able to override it on a per page/post/element basis. Please see below for an example of a setting that is both present in Fusion Theme Options and in Fusion Page Options, as well as an example of a Fusion Builder Element that has a corresponding Fusion Theme Option setting.

    Fusion Theme Options

    Below is a screenshot of the Header panel in Fusion Theme Options. The ‘100% Background Image’ option is set to On, which means your header background image will cover 100% width on all the pages throughout your site, unless otherwise specified in Page Options.

    Fusion Page Options

    Below is a screenshot of the Header panel in Fusion Page Options. The 100% Background Image option is set to No which means on this particular page, you are overriding the global theme option and your header background image will not display at 100% width.

    Fusion Theme Options

    Below is a screenshot of the ‘Fusion Builder Elements’ tab in Theme Options. The ‘Button Size’ option is set to Large, thereby all buttons on your website will be displayed as such unless the corresponding button element option is set.

    Fusion Builder Element Options

    Below is a screenshot of the Button Element inserted into a page via the Fusion Builder. Each individual element has it’s own set of options. This element option will override its corresponding option in Fusion Theme Options.

    Advanced Option Network Correlation

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is only available in Avada version 5.0 or higher.

    When building your page, we understand that it’s important to have a seamless experience. This is why we’ve implemented a new feature called Advanced Option Network Correlation. This feature allows you to view what default option you’ve set in Fusion Theme Options for specific Fusion Page and Element options. If you would like to change it, you can simply click on the link to be automatically redirected to that Theme Option. Click the button below to learn more about this feature.

    Learn More About Advanced Option Network Correlation

    Option Network Dependencies

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is only available in Avada version 5.0 or higher.

    Avada’s Option Network consists of Fusion Theme Options, Page Options, Builder options and each of them have dependent options ON by default. This means the only options you see are the only ones currently available for your selection, this is intended to keep opitons as stream lined as posible and avoid visual clutter. The dependent options are hidden/visible according to your current site’s configuration. For example, if you have a side header active, then all options that aren’t relevant to side headers like top header options, will be hidden from view. This allows you to concentrate only on the options that will affect your current set up. This feature can be disabled in Theme Options > Advanced > Theme Features > Avada’s Option Network Dependencies. To learn more about Dependent Options, please see our article below.

    Learn More About Dependent Options