Fusion Builder Options


Fusion Builder is a vital part of Avada's ecosystem, because it allows you to quickly and easily build professional pages through a drag and drop user interface. It's intuitive, powerful and flexible. More importantly, the options it contains work in tandem with Avada's Option Network. Fusion Builder has its own documentation section where you can learn all about it, and in addition, there is a Fusion Builder API, that allows you to build add ons for it.

View The Fusion Builder Documentation
Learn More About The Fusion Builder API
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Fusion Builder Element Options will override the global options set in Fusion Theme Options.

Fusion Builder Elements

Fusion Builder has several dozen elements you can use to build professional pages through an intuitive user interface. Each element has a set of options for customization, that also work in tandem with Avada's Option Network. The item below shows you a full listing of each available element for Fusion Builder along with the options it contains.

  • Fusion Builder Elements - Options are located within each Fusion Builder Element. These options will only affect the single element instance they're set in.
  • Fusion Builder Element Global Options - There are also global options for Elements, located in the Avada Theme Options. These options are global settings for each element. Go to Avada > Theme Options> Fusion Builder Elements.

Fusion Builder Global Settings

Fusion Builder is its own plugin and contains a set of global options for the plugin itself. These options are only for Fusion Builder itself and are not related to the Avada Options System, but are individual for the Fusion Builder plugin itself.