Fixed Mode For iPad Portrait

IMPORTANT NOTE: This option has been removed in Avada version 3.8.7.

The Use Fixed Layout for iPad Portrait option located inside the General tab in Theme Options was deprecated in versions 3.8.6 and and has now been removed in Avada version 3.8.7. For those who wish to still use the iPad fixed mode option, we have moved it into an external plugin that you can download below. Please continue reading below for more information on alternatives you can use.

Fixed iPad Portrait Plugin

Alternatives To The Fixed Layout Option:

    • It is highly recommended to use the ‘Responsive Design’ option located in Theme Options > General tab. This option enables the responsive design features globally and allows the site to adapt to the exact size of the iPad orientation.
    • Alternatively, you can uncheck the ‘Responsive Deisgn’ option to use the fixed layout which will show the regular desktop version on all devices, in other words the non-responsive mode.
    • If you’d still like to use this feature, you can download our plugin below.
    Download Our Plugin Here