FAQ Post Options


In addition to all the standard Fusion Page Options, Avada offers several exclusive options for you to use for each individual FAQ item. When creating or editing a FAQ item, scroll below the WordPress Content Editor to find the FAQ tab inside the Fusion Page Options box. Inside that tab are all the individual FAQ settings, and page settings that can be set for each FAQ item. In addition, we’ve listed the rest of the tabs you will see when editing a FAQ item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fusion Page Options will override the global options set in Fusion Theme Options.
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Disable First Featured Image – Illustrated as A. Allows you to disable the 1st featured image on the FAQ post.

Featured Image Dimensions – Illustrated as B. Allows you to set the dimensions of the featured image in pixels or percentage, ex: 100% or 100px. Or Use “auto” for automatic resizing if you added either width or height.

Use 100% Width Page – Illustrated as C. Allows you to set the FAQ post to 100% browser width.

Video Embed Code – Illustrated as D. Allows you to attach a video through inserting Youtube or Vimeo embed code.

Show Related Posts – Illustrated as E. Allows you to show or hide related posts on this post.

Show Social Share Box – Illustrated as F. Allows you to show or hide the social share box.

Show Previous/Next Pagination – Illustrated as G. Allows you to show or hide the post navigation.

Show Author Info Box – Illustrated as H. Allows you to show or hide the author info box.

Show Post Meta – Illustrated as I. Allows you to show or hide the post meta.

Show Comments – Illustrated as J. Allows you to show or hide comments area.