Option Network Dependencies

Option Network Dependencies


Dependent options are options that are shown or hidden according to your current setup. For example, if your site currently has the 'Responsive Design' setting turned off, then all options related to the Responsive Design setting, such as Responsive Breakpoints, will be hidden from the Theme Options Panel.

This is because these options are now unnecessary to your current setup and will not affect it in any way. This will minimize confusion and errors resulting from incorrect option settings. Continue reading below to learn about dependent options in the Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options and the Fusion Builder Element Options.

Avada's Option Network Dependencies

While Avada's Option Network Dependencies are useful, you may want to see all the option the Avada theme has to offer so you can quickly visualize what's possible with the theme. If you'd like to turn the dependency feature off, you can do so by following the steps below.

Step 1 - Navigate to Avada > Theme Options > Advanced > Theme Features tab.

Step 2 - On this tab, you'll find the 'Avada's Option Network Dependencies' option. Toggle this option to Off to disable dependent options in all three locations; Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options, and Fusion Builder Options.

Step 3 - Once finished, click 'Save Changes' and refresh the page.

Dependent Options in Fusion Theme Options

Below is an example of dependent options in action in the Fusion Theme Options panel. When you turn Responsive Heading Typography On, you'll be able to view all it's dependent options. When you turn it Off, they will become hidden because they're no longer necessary.

Responsive Heading Typography Disabled

Responsive Heading Typography Enabled

Dependent Options in Fusion Page Options

Below is an example of dependent options in action in the Fusion Page Options panel. When you select a slider from the 'Slider Type' option in the Sliders tab, you'll be able to view all that particular slider's dependent options.

No Slider Type Selected

Fusion Slider Type Selected

Dependent Options in Fusion Builder Element Options

Below is an example of dependent options in action in Fusion Builder Elements. When you select an animation type from the 'Animation Type' option under the Animations tab, you'll be able to view all the animation's dependent options.

No Animation Type Selected

Bounce Animation Type Selected

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