Import Single Prebuilt Website Pages Using The Avada Builder Library


With the Library enhanced Avada Builder, you can now import any page from any Avada prebuilt website, and customize them as you’d like. Importing a single demo page is quite different than importing a full demo, as importing single pages is only done to receive a skeletal layout.

If you wish to import everything from a prebuilt website, you should use the Avada Prebuilt Website Importer located on the Avada > Websites page. Please read below for important information about importing single prebuilt website pages using the Avada Builder Library, and watch the video for a visual overview.

What Comes With A Single Prebuilt Website Page Import

When importing a single prebuilt website page, you’ll receive a skeleton layout rather than an exact replica of the page as seen on the live website. This is because you’re only importing the layout, and some options and items will not import with the page. Because of this, you will see differences in style and layout. If you’d like to import the exact replica of our live prebuilt website, you’ll need to import the full demo, or a section of it.

Settings That Are Imported

  • Entire Page Layout & Content – All Containers, Columns and Elements.
  • Page Template – Page Template set under the Page Attributes box.
  • Avada Page Options – Any Avada Page Options set for the prebuilt website page.
  • Image Placeholders – All images will appear as placeholders with size specifications.

Settings That Are Not Imported

  • Global Options – Global options set in the Avada Global Options.
  • Custom Post Types – Any custom post type.
  • Sliders – Any type of slider such as Avada, Revolution, Layer, and Elastic.
  • Demo Images/Videos – Any images or videos used on the prebuilt website.

Importing Demo Pages

Step 1 – Create a new page or edit an existing one, in either Avada Builder, or Avada Live.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Library’ icon in the toolbar. This opens on the Websites tab.

Step 3 – Using the dropdown field at top left, select the prebuilt website you’d like to import a page from.

Step 4 – Once you select a website, all the pages that are available to import will appear as a list.

Step 5 – Simply click the ‘Plus’ button beside the page you’d like to import to
load it into the page. A Warning dialog will appear letting you know that this process will remove all other page content, page options and page template. Click OK to continue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Avada 5.8.1 and up, there is now a new, alternative way to load demo pages. On the right hand side at the top, you can simply paste a URL of any live demo page, and the page will instantly show below with a load button to import it.
Import Prebuilt Website Page
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