Woocommerce 2.1 Compatibility Fix

Woocommerce 2.1 Compatibility Fix


Last updated: 28th February, 2014

  • Fixed my account page change shipping address.
  • Fixed order details not working when a product is deleted.
  • Fixed duplicate shipping details box while checking out.

Main WooCommerce Fix

Step 1 - Download the woocommerce.zip file.

Step 2 - Extract the woocommerce zip file and then you will have a woocommerce folder.

Step 3 - Then login to FTP and delete the following folder wp-content/themes/Avada/woocommerce.

Step 4 - Upload the extracted "woocommerce" folder to wp-content/themes/Avada, which replaces the folder deleted from step 3.

Step 5 - Make sure the new folder is named the exact same thing, it should be named "woocommerce".

My-Account Change Shipping Address Fix - Last updated: 28th February, 2014

Step 1 - Download form-edit-address.zip and extract the zip.

Step 2 - Navigate to wp-content/themes/Avada/woocommerce/myaccount folder and upload the new PHP file, replacing the old one.

My-Account Logout Issue Fix - Last updated: 18th February, 2014

Step 1 - Download myaccount_logout_fix.zip and extract the zip file. You will receive two files "header-main-menu.php" and "header-main.php"

Step 2 - Navigate to wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/headers folder and upload the two new PHP files, replacing the old ones.

Visual Bug Fix: Product variables text running out of dropdown box

Add the following custom CSS from theme options:

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