The Dynamic CSS Caching Option

The Dynamic CSS Caching Option

IMPORTANT INFO - This option is only available in Avada versions 3.8.7 or higher.

When you have Dynamic CSS Caching enabled, Avada saves CSS for each page in your database. This reduces load times, but can increase the size of your database. For any site with 20-30 pages, this won’t be a problem. However, if you update your website regularly with new content and posts (For example 10K+ blog and portfolio posts), enabling Dynamic CSS Caching will increase the overall size of your database considerably, often reaching several hundred MB and more.

In conclusion, for very large websites, we do not recommend that you enable Dynamic CSS Caching. For regular websites, we do recommend that you enable Dynamic CSS Caching as this will reduce page load times and positively affect your site's overall performance.

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