Layer Slider And Vimeo Video Information

Layer Slider And Vimeo Video Information


There are a few things regarding the LayerSlider and Vimeo videos that you need to know.

1. Vimeo Plus / Vimeo Pro videos have problems working with LayerSlider. Their API does not allow to retrieve information about those videos. Therefore you should put your video in a regular Vimeo account.

2. You need more than one slide in the slider for the video API to kick in and fetch the image from their API to show on the slide. So if you only have one slide and it contains a Vimeo video, then the thumbnail will not show on the video, it will just be blank with a play button.

Please note that these two issues are not theme issues, and our outside of our control. Please adjust accordingly until Vimeo allows their Plus/Pro accounts to be used in their API.

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