Is Your Site Running Slow?

Is Your Site Running Slow?


If your site is not running as fast as you'd like, there could be a few different issues. Our live demo is a representation of how fast your site should be. Results will vary depending on the items below. This post will outline the common issues that can sow down your site.

1. Plugins

When you have multiple plugins installed and activated on your site, it can slow it down. The more plugins you use, the slower it will be. If you are experiencing a slow site, please disable all the plugins except for the ones that we include with our theme. Disable the extra plugins, then clear your browser cache and see if it speeds it up. Most likely it will, then you can re-enable the plugins one by one and check the site speed each time to try and find out if its one specific plugin. Unfortunately there are plugins out there that can slow down your site, if you happen to find one please contact the plugin developer and report it to them.

2. Images / Content

It is very critical that your images be optimized for the web. Having a large image or several of them can drastically slow down your site speed. Do not upload larger images than what is needed. For example, if you have an image that needs to be a featured blog image that will have a sidebar, then the image area is only about 670px wide. Make sure your image is not larger than 670px. We also recommend using an image editing tool like Photoshop to "Save For Web" to optimize images and reduce the overall file size.

A great tool to compress JPEGs and PNGs files is, it allows you to easily upload a file and then will auto compress it for you.

Comprehensive Guide On Image Optimization

3. Server / Hosting

Sometimes slow speed can be a result of your hosting service. Some hosting services used shared hosting which can have an effect on speed. This is a very broad topic but the general idea is that some hosts are better than others. If you have checked the above two items and the site is still slow, the most likely it is a server/hosting issue. Contact your host and discuss it with them.

4. Disable Features You Are Not Using In Theme Options

We include several options to disable features in the Avada > Theme Options > Extras tab. If you are not using some then disable them to reduce loading times.

5. Use A Cache Plugin Like Autoptimize, BWP Minify, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, etc.

A cache plugin is necessary for any theme. Cache plugins are created to help speed up your site, they are enhanced tools. Your speed will certainly increase when you use one. There are many different cache plugins on the market, many are free some are paid. In addition, each hoster may or may not allowed certain ones due to their own caching system. So there is not a one solution for all. For more details on cache plugins please click the button below.

Click Here To Learn Using Cache Plugins

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