How to Fix The Contact Form Not Sending Emails

How to Fix The Contact Form Not Sending Emails


If you are having issues sending or receiving emails from the built-in contact form, there could be a couple reasons why.

1. Please make sure you have a valid, working email address inserted in the email field in theme options on the contact tab.

2. Always check your junk or spam folder if you are not receiving the emails in your inbox. It's possible they are being sent there.

3. The email is sent to you FROM the email defined in theme options panel, if the email address defined in theme options panel is not from the same domain for e.g,, you will have to defined SMTP for the external host using WP Mail SMTP Plugin. If email address in theme options is GMAIL, use SMTP settings for gmail.

4. If that still doesn't work, you should create a valid email address with your host.

5. The issue could be caused by mail delivery settings on your webserver. See this help doc from Google

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