Missing Logo On Desktop or Mobile

Missing Logo On Desktop or Mobile


Avada is retina-ready, which means it will look great on high resolution screens. In addition to the regular 1X logo, users need to insert a 2X retina logo in theme options on the header tab for the retina logo to show up on those devices. Its also important to insert the regular 1x logo width and height values. Read below for information regarding desktop and mobile devices.

1. Desktop Browsers - If your logo is not showing up on a regular desktop browser even though you set one up in Theme Options > Header Options, then you most likely have a high resolution screen and use a browser zoom mode some levels higher than default mode. In this case you will have to set up a retina logo to get the logo displayed.

2. Mobile Devices -If you do not see your logo on a mboile device, such as an iPhone or iPad, its becasue you are using a retina device and you have not uploaded a retina logo and input the correct logo width and height values.

Solution For Both Mobile And Desktop: Go to Theme Options > Header Options and upload a retina logo right below the standard logo field. Also set the logo width and logo height, this size needs to be the exact size of your regular logo.

If you want a high resoltuon logo, then you need to upload retina logo that is exactly 2X the size of your original. So if your original is 200x100, then you need to upload a logo that is 400x200. And the logo width and height values need to be the regular 1X logo, which would bne 200x100.

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