Fusion Builder or Theme Options Not Working With WordPress 4.9

Fusion Builder or Theme Options Not Working With WordPress 4.9

If Fusion Builder, Theme Options, Page Options or other items are not working properly, it is due to 1 of 2 things listed below. Both of these are related to the new WordPress 4.9+ update and are easily resolved.

Issue 1 - WordPress Install Was Updated To 4.9+ But Avada Is Not Updated To Latest Version 5.3.1

SOLUTION: Update to the latest version of Avada v5.3.1 which is 100% compatible with WordPress 4.9+. Update Avada along with Fusion Builder & Fusion Core plugins and make sure to clear all forms of cache (browser, plugins, server). Then go to Avada > Fusion Patcher and apply any available patches. Patches are applied at the click of a button as explained in this help file -> http://bit.ly/1NAWVwM

When updating your theme always ensure that follow the correct instructions and are aware of the below information:

Issue 2 - WordPress Install Was Updated To 4.9+ & Avada Updated to 5.3.1 But Issues Remain

SOLUTION: This is a confirmed WordPress core bug involving language files: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/42574. "MediaElement upgrade causing JS errors when certain languages are in use e.g de_DE-formal".

The issue applies to any language file in this format: de_DE-formal. To resolve this, change the WordPress Core to the regular format: de_DE by changing the language in the WordPress admin area (Settings > General). For example, if currently set to "Deutsch (Sie)" instead select "Deutsch".

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