Demo & Plugin Offloading


In Avada 5.0, we reduced the theme’s package size by offloading the demo files as well as the Premium plugins (Revolution Slider and LayerSlider) from the main theme package. We continued improving in this area by offloading the Fusion Core and Fusion Builder plugins in Avada 5.1. These are now stored on our dedicated servers and are easily downloaded and installed from your WordPress admin. We have done this to prevent common theme installation failures, as a result of many hosting providers that limit their server’s Maximum File Upload Size. Although easily rectified, it is a lengthy and cumbersome process for many. This is especially true for newcomers to WordPress and premium themes.

What Does Offloading Mean?

Do not worry, the offloaded plugins and all the Avada demos can still be installed via the Avada tab in the WordPress Dashboard. We have simply changed where the files are installed from. It is better, smoother and faster to install because they will be served from our own dedicated server instead of included in the install package from Themeforest. This change is better for you because it reduces the chance your server limits will affect the theme or plugin’s installation.

How To Install Demos & Premium Plugins

In order to import demos, get auto updates and install the Premium plugins (Revolution Slider, LayerSlider, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Convert Plus, and Fusion White Label Branding), you’ll need to register your theme purchase via the Token Registration method. This is an important step for new and existing users of Avada, regardless of whether you are installing Avada for the first time or updating to Avada 5+.

For more details on installing plugins, see here.

For details on importing demos, see here.

Click Here To learn how to setup Token Registration

Plugin Updates

As of Avada 5.4.1 all bundled premium plugins can be updated independent and outside of an Avada theme update. The update notification will be visible and can be accessed via the Avada > Plugins section.


1) Why Can’t I Install The Included Premium Plugins?

If the ‘Install’ button on the included Premium plugins (Revolution Slider, LayerSlider, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Convert Plus, and Fusion White Label Branding) is grayed out, this is because you have to register your purchase via Token Registration first. Once you’ve registered your purchase successfully, you’ll be able to install and activate these plugins.

2) When I Activate The Plugins The Site Crashes

This may be due to your server’s PHP configuration limits and will require that these configurations limits be increased. For most, these limits can be increased without having to contact your hosting provider. However, in rare cases some hosts can restrict manual intervention and that will require you to contact your hosting provider to increase the limits for you. Here is a detailed help file explaining how to update the PHP configuration limits.

3) How Do I Update The Premium Sliders?

Avada does include updates for our premium slider plugins (Revolution Slider and LayerSlider) however, this does not mean that you will receive an individual license for these Premium Sliders. Due to Envato’s licensing rules, we can only issue updates for these plugins when we issue a theme update. This also ensures that we fully test the plugin to make sure there are no critical bugs that will conflict with our own update.

4) Contact Your Hosting Provider First

If you’re experiencing issues with Token Registration and are certain that you followed the new Token Registration process fully, please contact your hosting provider and have them check to see if they are blocking our server. (These URL’s must not be blocked :: | | If your hosting provider confirms that they are not blocking our service, please submit a support ticket to our team so that we can investigate this further.

5) Fallback Method for Plugins

If Token Registration continues to fail and you can’t install the premium plugins, an alternative is to go to your Support Desk, then switch to the Product Registration tab. In the provided field, enter your Personal Token Key and click ‘Submit Code’. You’ll see a success notification and buttons to download the Revolution Slider, LayerSlider, Fusion Builder, Fusion Core, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Convert Plus, and Fusion White Label Branding plugins.

6) Fallback Method For Demos

For an alternative method to download and install the Avada Demos, please see our Alternate Demo Import Method help file.