Avada v4 Migration

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new Avada Theme Options is only available on Avada version 4.0+, this help file is applicable to anyone updating from a very old version of Avada (pre Avada 4.0).

The new Theme Options panel that’s included with Avada version 4.0 is a truly extensible and powerful options framework for Avada. Because we’re using an entirely new Theme Options panel, it is necessary for your previous Avada installations to be migrated.

When updating from an older version of Avada to version 4.0, your current theme option values will be copied and stored in your database for safe keeping. In doing this, no data is lost during migration. The extra copy of theme options is then migrated over so that you can utilize the new options panel. Always make sure you backup your current theme folder before you upgrade. Updating Avada from previous versions to version 4.0 is a simple process and will be automatically run the first time you visit your dashboard after updating the theme files.

View screenshot here of what you will see when the migration is complete. Notice the LARGE RED BUTTON telling you to update the Fusion Core plugin.

How To Fix Migration Errors

In very rare cases, you may encounter issues with the update script. This usually occurs when your server has extremely low PHP settings. In case this happens to you, please continue reading below to learn about what to do when your migration fails.

How To Trigger Migration Manually

Step 1 – Navigate to the Avada > System Status tab.

Step 2 – Under the Avada Versions section, click on the ‘Trigger Data Migration’ link. View screenshot here.

Step 3 – Once you click the Manual Migration link, you will be redirected to the Migration Screen. Please wait until the data migration is finished.

Step 4 – When the data migration is finished, click the ‘Take Me To Theme Options!’ button to be redirected to your new Theme Options panel.