How To Use The Color Palette Feature


New in Avada 6.0 is a cool new feature to set your own personal color palettes throughout the theme options and Fusion Builder. Anywhere you find a color palette along the bottom of a color picker, you can customize this palette to show you own preferred selection of colors.

Let’s have a look at how this works.

Color Palette Option

Found in the Fusion Theme Options, under Colors > Color Palette, this is the place to set your color palette preferences. You can do this in both the back end Theme Options or the Theme Options accessed via the Sidebar in the new Fusion Builder Live Editor.

To make changes to your color palette, click on any of the 9 colors and use the color picker to select a new color. You can use the transparency slider if you wish to have any level of transparency saved in your palette colors, and you can also use a hexadecimal code for a specific color.

Color Palette Default Options

You can change as many or as few of the color palette colors as you like. You might like to choose the colors from your website logo, or you may want to implement a particular color scheme.

In any case, once you have completed your choices, simply save the theme options to save your changes. Below is an example of a customized color palette.

Color Palette Customized

Once you have saved your Theme Options, you will find the new color palette anywhere you find the color picker. See an example of the new color palette in the builder below. There is also a cog icon to the right of the color palette, which will take you straight to the option in the Fusion Theme Options.

Color Palette In Builder