How To Set Up A Side Navigation Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ‘Side Navigation’ page template will be deprecated in a future version of Avada. We have replaced it with a better solution, the Avada: Vertical Menu widget. This new widget offers the same features but with greater flexibility. It works with the WP menu system. Please utilize this new method instead of the page template which will eventually be removed.

Avada includes a Side Navigation page template that can be used to insert large amounts of content on a single page. You can also setup second level menu items on the Side Navigation page that will collapse by default and expand when the parent level is moused over or clicked, depending on how you set it in Fusion Theme Options. You create Side Navigation pages in sets. Each set always has to have a Parent page that will show at the top. Then you create additional pages and assign them to the parent page. All the pages assigned to the parent page will make one side navigation set.

Creating A Side Navigation Page

Step 1 – Navigate to Pages and click Add New.

Step 2 – Input a name for your Page (this will be the Parent page under which you can nest different child pages).

Step 3 – In the Page Attributes box on the right side, select Side Navigation from the Page Template dropdown list and click Save.

Step 4 – To add more pages to the side navigation set, create another new page, select the Parent page created in Step 2 as the ‘parent page’, and set the Template to Side Navigation.

Step 5 – Choose to have the side navigation set on the left or right side by selecting Left or Right from the Sidebar Position dropdown field in the Fusion Page Options box.

Step 6 – Menu order is set alphabetically, change it by inserting a new order for each page in the Order field.

Step 7 – Once you are done, be sure to Publish each of the pages.