How To Convert Your Website To Avada 5.0


The Fusion Builder, released in Avada 5.0, is 5x faster than the previous Fusion Builder found in Avada 4.0.3 and older. Updating from an older Avada version to 5+ will require conversion of all elements to the new syntax. The key purpose behind the conversion is to ensure that all elements (formerly known as shortcodes) are assigned with new nomenclatures; this very important step ensures significantly improved 3rd party resource and plugin compatibility.

Let’s look at the conversion process and how to trigger it manually if it doesn’t happen automatically.

Converting WordPress Multisite Installations

If you’re updating a WordPress multisite installation to Avada 5.0+, the conversion has to be performed for each site individually. The Conversion splash screen will display the first time you visit the admin area of each site.

The Conversion Process

Avada will search through your posts and pages and collect IDs of all pages using the old shortcodes and convert them to our new syntax. A backup is created of those pages and posts, to ensure all your data is fully secure. If the conversion is not performed, you won’t be able to use Avada 5.0 and above, unless you manually trigger the conversion at a later time through the WP admin area. The conversion may take some time, so please be patient and do not close the conversion screen.

Once you’ve carefully read the notice, you will need to check the acknowledgement checkbox to confirm and agree Avada should convert your posts and pages to the new shortcode syntax.

Start Conversion Screen

By pressing the “Start Conversion” button below, you confirm that Avada should convert your posts and pages to the new shortcode syntax.

Conversion Complete Screen

Fusion Builder Manual Conversion Buttons

To find this section, navigate to The System Status tab at Avada > System Status in your WordPress Admin Main Menu. Once on the System Status tab, you’ll find several buttons which relate to the Fusion Builder conversion for the Avada 5 update. Please see below for details on what each button does.

Rerun Conversion

If the Conversion didn’t process automatically, you can manually trigger the conversion with the “Run Conversion” button which is located on the System Status page. Just click this button and the conversion process will start immediately.

Why the conversion is needed:
For Avada version 5.0, the Fusion Builder was separated from the Fusion Core into it’s own plugin. The Fusion Builder was rebuilt from scratch and subsequently all element names were refactored, as well as the page structure of containers. All of this was done to reduce the overall Avada install package, turn the Fusion Builder into it’s own plugin that is 5 times faster than before and more compatible with 3rd party assets.

All installations running Avada 4.0.3 and older will need their pages converted to the new format. If for some reason the shortcode conversion was not automatically triggered when Avada was updated, you can manually trigger the shortcode conversion. During the initial element conversion, all content is backed-up in the database securely.

Rerun Conversion Buttons

Reverting Conversion

If required, the conversion to Avada 5.0+ can be reverted to the original state prior to updating. This is only possible if you updated from Avada 4.0.3 or an earlier version and will only revert pages that existed during the update to Avada 5 originally. If that is needed, you can click the “Revert Conversion” button from the System Status page.

More details on the Revert Conversion button
This button will undo the initial shortcode conversion which took place during the update to Avada 5. When reverting the shortcode conversion, Avada is getting the content from the backups kept during the conversion and restoring the content to its previous state with the old shortcodes. The process is similar to the initial shortcode conversion in that you’ll be taken to a splash screen and guided through a conversion, only this time the process internally is reversed.

Revert Conversion

Remove Backups

The Remove Conversion Backups button will delete the conversion backups created during the initial update. This should only be done once you have checked your site and determined that all is well and you have no need to reference or retain the old data. To start the process of removing the backups, click the “Remove Backups” button.

More details on the Remove Backups button
Once you’ve decided you won’t be needing to revert your site for any reason and you are satisfied with the update results, you have the option to manually delete the content backups that were created at the start of the conversion process. Once deleted, it will no longer be possible to automatically restore the content to the pre-5.0 state. Clicking the button will start the deletion of the conversion backup data.

Once completed, only the button to manually trigger the element conversion will remain.

Remove Backups

If you have installed Avada 5.0 prior to importing Fusion Builder page content from an older version (4.0.3 or lower), then the conversion will not trigger automatically for you. Also, the conversion trigger button in the Avada > System Status tab will not be available.

To manually trigger the shortcode conversion process and convert old Fusion Builder content to our new syntax, please follow the instructions below.

How To Manually Trigger Shortcode Conversion

Step 1 – Login to the WordPress Admin Panel of your site.

Step 2 – At the end of your WordPress Admin URL, usually wp-admin/, add this string:

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After adding this string, your URL should look like this:

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Step 3 – Once you add the necessary string, simply press enter to trigger the Shortcode Conversion process.

Avada 5.0 Conversion Screen
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Avada Website Builder

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