How To Fix Missing Fusion Slider Settings After Update

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only applicable if you are updating from a version older than Avada 5.7

The fix described in this article is only relevant if all the checklist items below match your situation.  If these do not match your own situation then please submit a support ticket instead.

  • Fusion Sliders not displaying/loading on front end.

  • Fusion Slider settings in back-end have been lost/show errors.

  • Issue occurred after updating from a theme version older than 5.7.

How To Diagnose The Issue

To work out what the problem is, edit one of your Fusion Sliders.  You should see that the usual settings are missing.  Instead you may have the value “2” in place of your usual values or have PHP warnings.  Change one of these values as a test, for example the slider width, and click save.  When the edit page reloads check if that value has been kept.  If you see that the value has been saved then you can fix the problem using a helper plugin.  If the value has not saved then please refer to the Slider Settings Cannot Be Saved section at the end of the article.

Fixing The Slider Settings With a Helper Plugin

Use the button below to download the plugin.  Once downloaded, upload this via your WordPress back-end from Plugins > Add New – Upload Plugin (at the top of the page).  Activate the new plugin and your sliders should automatically be fixed.  The plugin looks for the old slider data and moves this to the new location in the database.  You can confirm this has worked by re-checking your slider settings.  Once confirmed, you can then deactivate and delete the plugin.

You must be logged in and have your Avada purchase code registered in order to download the helper plugin.

Slider Settings Cannot Be Saved

If you attempted to save the slider settings but none of these are being saved then it means your WordPress database is likely missing a vital table.  The first thing to check is that you are using the latest WordPress version.  If not, then please update your WordPress installation.  If you are already using the latest version then please contact your host or submit a support ticket for assistance.