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We understand that it can be a fair process getting started with WordPress. In light of this, we have prepared a starter pack for you pertaining to Avada, the Fusion Builder and everything in between. Below are some links to help files, online documentation, videos and tutorials to help make this process easier and more enjoyable for you. If you have any questions, the first thing to do before submitting a ticket is to create a support account by following these steps. Then please try searching our support resources with keywords, most of the time the answer is in one of our posts waiting to be found. If you cannot find your answer, please or submit a ticket to our support team.


Avada and Fusion Builder Guided Tour Videos

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General and Important Information

WordPress Beginner Essentials

Installing Avada

Updating & Managing Avada

The Fusion Builder

Available Options in Avada

WordPress Multisite

Backups, Security & Migrating Your Site

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