How To Register Avada


Registering Avada is quick and easy, and provides many benefits. Registration is required to receive automatic updates for Avada, and to be able to download Avada Prebuilt Websites and any of the included premium plugins.

Registering involves generating a personal token on the Envato website, and then pasting the token into the Registration field on the Avada Dashboard.

Read on to get exact steps for registering Avada, and watch the video for a visual overview of the process.


IMPORTANT NOTE: To successfully register a token key, you must be logged into the ThemeForest account that was used to purchase Avada.

How To Generate A Personal Token

Please follow the instructions provided below, closely and carefully. Make sure to also read any notices you encounter throughout the process. If you encounter an error when entering your Personal Token into the Product Registration field, please see our ‘Invalid Token?’ section below.

To generate a personal token, head to the Avada Dashboard (Avada > Dashboard) from the WordPress Dashboard. Directly under the Welcome to Avada section, you will see the Register Your Product section, as seen below.

Register Your Product
Step 1 – Click on the “How To?” link to expand the dialog to see the full instructions.

Step 2
– Click on the
Generate A Personal Token link, found in the How To Generate A Token section.

Step 3 – Sign in to Envato with the same login as the Themeforest login you used to purchase the theme. Wait while the page reloads, and you will be directed to the ‘Create A Token‘ page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before going further, make sure you are on the ‘Create a Token’ page. Do not click on any other links on the page, such as the ‘My Apps’ link.

Step 4On the ‘Create A Token‘ page you will be presented with the following screen -> Click To View Example.
Enter a unique name in the ‘Token Name’ field. You can use any name that will be easy to remember and associate, for example, your website name.

Step 5 – Under the ‘Permissions Needed’ section, make sure the following check boxes are checked:

  • View the user’s Envato Account username

  • Download the items the user has purchased

  • List purchases the user has made

  • Verify purchases the user has made

Envato API logo
View Example

Step 5 – Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox, then click ‘Create Token’. You’ll now see the ‘Success!’ page with your Personal Token displayed.

Step 6 – Copy and save your Personal Token to a safe place, like a password manager or other location, and then return to the Register Your Product section of the Avada Dashboard and paste your Personal Token into the provided field. Click the ‘Register Now’ button to verify.

Step 7 – If your registration is successful, a green tick will appear beside the Register Your Product heading, the key will be partially listed, and a Registered notice will appear at the top of the dashboard.

Having issues? Check our ‘Invalid Token?’ section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not checking all four check boxes may cause your Personal Token to invalidate. Any other check-boxes aside from the four mentioned above are optional.

Managing Your Personal Tokens

Make sure that you save and store any tokens that you generate, in a safe place. Copy them to a password manager, or a plain text file or word document and store in a secure folder on your computer. Envato displays a notice of acknowledgment that you’ve copied your Personal Token key and have stored it safely, and that you understand that if you lose it, you’ll need to re-generate a new token.

This notice also informs you that Envato isn’t going to store this key for you because of security reasons. Once you check the checkbox, click ‘Woohoo! Got it’ to be redirected to the ‘My Apps’ page. Here, you can edit your Personal Tokens’ permission settings or delete them. You can also view the applications you’ve registered or granted access to on this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful not to delete Personal Tokens that are currently in use. Deleting a Personal Token is irreversible and will render it invalid.
Avada Website Builder

663,405 Businesses Trust Avada

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Avada Website Builder

663,405 Businesses Trust Avada

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Avada Website Builder

663,405 Businesses Trust Avada

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Invalid Token?

Failed Token Registration

If you encounter the error above after entering your Personal Token into the Product Registration field, you may have missed a step in generating your Personal Token. Please continue reading below for the likely causes of why your Personal Token may be invalid. If you’ve checked all the likely causes below and you’re still getting the ‘Invalid Token’ error, please do send us a support ticket so our team can have a look. Please add the supplied information of date and time, plus the CF-RAY error code, which greatly assists troubleshooting from Envato’s end.

1.) The Token Doesn’t Have Access To The Required Permissions

When generating a new token, make sure the following Permissions are checked; View Your Envato Account Username, Download Your Purchased Items, Verify Purchases You’ve Made and List Purchases You’ve Made. We require these permissions in order to verify if your Avada purchase is valid and to be able to download automatic updates for the theme. If you’re already using an existing Personal Token, you can go to your ‘My Apps’ page and edit the token’s permissions from there. Simply click the ‘Edit’ button and check the required permissions.

2.) Missing Characters When Copied From ThemeForest

When copying your Personal Token key, make sure you don’t miss any characters. It’s a simple thing to miss, but it still happen frequently. If you’re copying your Personal Token from a text editor program like MS Word or Notepad, make sure you don’t copy any extra characters such as spaces, as well.

3.) The Personal Token In Use Has Been Deleted

Make sure the Personal Token you’re using still exists in your ‘My Apps’ page. If it has been deleted or no longer exists, you’ll need to generate a new Personal Token and use that in your Product Registration instead.

4.) Token In Use Is Registered Under The Wrong ThemeForest Account

If you have access to multiple ThemeForest accounts, make sure you’re logged into the correct account that you’ve purchased Avada with. Generating a Personal Token using an account that doesn’t have Avada purchased will render the token invalid when used in Avada’s Product Registration field.

5.) The Token Doesn’t Work

It’s important that you generate the token on the ‘Create A Token’ page, and NOT the ‘Register Your App’ page. This area is accessed by the My Apps link, but is not the place to generate a personal token. When clicking the Generate A Personal Token link, you will be redirected to the ‘Create A Token page’ either immediately if you are logged in, or after you log in. Just wait until that page loads, and don’t follow any other links.

Fallback Methods

If you’re experiencing difficulty with downloading and installing the offloaded plugins and demos, then please see the fallback methods below.

1.) Contact Your Hosting Provider First

If you’re experiencing issues with Token Registration and are certain that you followed the new Token Registration process fully, please contact your hosting provider and have them check to see if they are blocking our server. (These URLs must not be blocked :: | | If your hosting provider confirms that they are not blocking our service, please submit a support ticket to our team so that we can investigate this further.

2.) Fallback Method for Premium Plugins

If Token Registration continues to fail and you can’t install the premium plugins, an alternative is to go to your Support Desk, then switch to the Product Registration tab. In the provided field, enter your Personal Token Key and click ‘Submit Code’. You’ll see a success notification and buttons to download the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plugins.

3.) Fallback Method For Prebuilt Websites

For an alternative method to download and install the Avada Prebuilt Websites, please see our Prebuilt Avada Websites Alternate Import Method document.

Avada Website Builder
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Avada Website Builder

663,405 Businesses Trust Avada

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Avada Website Builder

663,405 Businesses Trust Avada

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