Avada Welcome Screen


From the WordPress dashboard, under Avada > Welcome, you will find the Avada Welcome Screen. In this Welcome Screen, which are split into tabs, you can easily find important information and utility areas. The tabbed areas consist of Welcome, Registration, Support, FAQ, Demos, Plugins, and System Status. You can also access the Fusion Patcher and the Fusion Theme Options via the Avada tab in the WordPress Dashboard menu. Continue reading below for more information on how to navigate our Welcome Screen, as well as everything you need to know to about it!

Avada Welcome Screen > WelcomeTab


  • View Changelog – Above the Welcome tabs can you find a View Changelog toggle, so you can see the latest updates directly on the Welcome screen.

  • Welcome tab – This tab gives an overview of Avada and also has an Avada related video embedded on the page.

  • Registration tab – This tab is where you can register your purchase via Token Registration to receive auto updates, install included plugins and import demos.
  • Support/FAQ tab – This tab is where you can find links to our support system; such as articles and our support ticket form, and answers to common questions new Avada users may have.

  • Demos tab – This tab is where you can preview our pre-made demos and import them to your site. You can also use the Demo Filter to narrow down your search.

  • Plugins tab – This tab is where you will find Avada’s required and included plugins.

  • System Status tab – This tab is where you will find the current settings of key server limits on your site.

  • Facebook – Visit the ThemeFusion Facebook page.

  • Twitter – Visit the ThemeFusion Twitter page.

  • Instagram – Visit the ThemeFusion Instagram page.

  • YouTube – Visit the ThemeFusion YouTube channel.

Registration tab

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Token Registration method is for Avada version 5.0 or higher only. Read about the old Product Registration here.

Under the Registration tab, you’ll find the new Token Registration method for Avada 5.0 or higher. The Token Registration requires 1 Token Key to register your purchase. Once you’ve registered your product, you can then access auto-updates, install our included plugins, as well as import our various available demos. To learn more about Token Registration and how to create a token key, please click the button below.

Learn More About Token Registration
Avada Welcome Screen > RegistrationTab

Support/FAQ tab

Under the Support/FAQ tab, you will find useful links to some of the main sections of the documentation, which will help you learn more about the theme, how to solve issues you might run into, and how to get in contact with our awesome Support Team. Under this, you will find some commonly asked questions and answers. To get access to item support, please sign up for a support account.

Avada Welcome Screen > Support Tab

Demos tab

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you can import Avada demos, you must first register your purchase via Token Registration.

Under the Demos tab, you will find all the professionally designed Avada demos we’ve created to get you started quickly. New demos are constantly being added. You can also now use the Demo Filters to help narrow down your search. Before you can import a demo, you need to register your purchase. Also, please make sure all required plugins are installed and activated before importing a demo.

Avada Welcome Screen > Demos Tab

Plugins tab

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Fusion Builder plugin is only available on Avada version 5.0 or higher. To install and activate Avada’s included premium slider plugins, you must first register your purchase via Token Registration.

Under the Plugins tab you will find Avada’s required plugins, the Fusion Core plugin and the Fusion Builder plugin. These two plugins need to be installed and activated for the theme to work properly. Here you’ll also find our included premium plugins, which are Revolution Slider and Layer Slider. You’ll need to register your purchase via Token Registration to install these premium plugins. Lastly, you can also install and activate Avada’s recommended plugins here such as WooCommerce, bbPress, etc. You don’t need to register your purchase to download these.

Learn More About The Fusion Builder Plugin
Avada Welcome Screen > Plugins Tab

System Status tab

Under the System Status tab, you will find the current settings of key server limits on your site. You can also generate a System Report which will give you a full summary of your System Status information. You can also choose to copy this report and include it in any support tickets. This can help our support team can find a solution for your problem quicker.

Learn More About System Status
Avada > System Status Tab