If you want to update any existing element setting options, you can simply use this function and the values will get appended to the existing settings for that element.

The function

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Basic usage

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The above example will add the color option “Black” and “Cyan” in the colors dropdown for the button element. Which will output the color class name as “fusion-black” and “fusion-cyan”, which you can use to customize the color for your button.

This is a rather simple solution if you want to use the custom color combination buttons on your site.

Function Parameters

    • $shortcode_tag
      ( string ) Registered shortcode name in Fusion Builder.
      • $param_name
        ( string ) Param name to be altered. Check shortcode to get the param name.
        • $values_to_append
          ( array | string ) Value to be set as default or append to the existing array.