Slider Revolution Element


If you have the bundled Premium Slider Plugin, Slider Revolution, activated on you site, you will have the Slider Revolution Element available through the Fusion Builder. This very simple Element has only one purpose, and that is to enable you to add a Slider Revolution slider, anywhere in your content, and not be limited to above or below the header, as is the case when adding them through the Fusion Page Options.

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Slider Revolution Element Options

Select Slider – As you can see, the Element has only one option, and that is to choose the Slider you wish to show. The Slider will interact with the column and container it is placed in, so if you place it in a 1/2 Column, it will only fill that area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many themes sold on ThemeForest come bundled with premium plugins from CodeCanyon. A plugin offers additional functionality and features beyond a typical WordPress installation, and you do not need additional licensing in order to use the plugin with your theme. The terms and conditions for bundled plugins is set out by Envato.
Slider Revolution Element Options

As of Avada 5.4.1, Avada bundled plugins can be updated independently and outside of an Avada theme update. The update notification will be visible and can be accessed via the Avada > Plugins section.

Global Options

There are no Global Options for this Element.

Slider Revolution Element Parameters

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  • alias – The unique slider name of the Slider Revolution you’ve created.

Useful Links & Resources

There are extensive options when creating sliders with Slider Revolution. Avail yourself of the plugin documentation below.