Next Page Element

This feature is only available for Avada 5.1 or higher version.

The Next Page Element is a pagination element that allows you to add a page break after any Container element in your content. You can use this element to create a series of linked segments out of one main page. Continue reading below for more details on how to add this element. You can also drag and drop the Next Page element to a new position, between containers only.

Please note: The Next Page Element will not split content inside a Container. Content will be segmented as one whole Container at a time as seen here.

How to Add the Next Page Element

Step 1 – Create a page or edit an existing one.

Step 2 – Add the content to your page that will be your first page or segment of the series.

Step 3 – At the bottom your first segment’s Container element, hover over the right-hand corner and click +Container.

Step 4 – This will launch a window with three main tabs: Builder Containers, Library Containers and the Special Tab. Select the special tab and click to add the Next Page element.

Step 5 – At this point, you’ll see the Next Page element between your Container elements. On the frontend, you’ll see pagination links after this section of content. All the content below this element will be displayed on the following page.

Step 6 – Repeat those steps until you have completed your page and have the desired amount of segments.