Gravity Form Element


New with Avada 6.1, is the Gravity Form Element. This simple helper Element allows you to quickly add your Gravity Forms directly into your page content.

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How To Use The Gravity Form Element

The Gravity Form Element allows you to place your Gravity Forms anywhere on your site.

Step 1 – Create a new page or edit an existing one.

Step 2 – Add a container then select your desired column layout.

Step 3 – Click the ‘+ Element’ button to bring up the Elements window. Locate the ‘Gravity Form’ element and click it to bring up its options window. The Gravity Forms plugin must be installed and activated for the Element to show in the Elements list.

Step 4 – Using the Element couldn’t be easier. Simply select the desired form from the drop down list in the Element options panel. That’s it. The form will display on the screen. Of course, you have to have already made your forms through the Gravoty Forms plugin for them to show in the element.

There are only a few element options with this element, but read below for a full overview.

Element Options

Location: The edit screen within each Element.

You can deploy as many individual Elements in pages and posts as you need, there is no limit. Within each of the Elements, you will see a tab or tabs that house an array of options that make it possible for you to configure each Element independently, and greatly enhance your flexibility and creative options.

  • Select Form – Select the form you want to display.

  • Display Form Title – Choose whether or not to display the form title.

  • Display Form Description – Choose whether or not to display the form description.

  • Enable Ajax – Specify whether or not to use Ajax to submit the form. This allows for the form to display errors and to submit data without requiring a page reload.

View The Options Screen

Global Options

There are no Global Options for the Gravity Form Element.

Gravity Form Element Parameters

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  • id – This is the id of the form you wish to insert.

  • title – Choose whether or not to disaply the Form Title. Valid values are true or false.

  • description – Choose whether or not to disaply the Form Description. Valid values are true or false.

  • ajax – Turn Ajax on or off. This allows for form submission and error display without page reload. Valid values are true or false.