Convert Plus Element


Convert Plus is a powerful, yet easy to use premium popup plugin, that comes bundled with Avada. When the plugin is enabled, there is also a Convert Plus Element for you to use, to assist you in adding any of your Convert plus modules into your content.

Convert plus has three modules, Modal, Info Bar, or Slide In, and with the Convert Plus Element, you can easily add them into your content, with custom manual triggering or inline display. Read on to find out more about this useful Element.

Convert Plus
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How To Use The Convert Plus Element

The Convert Plus Element allows you to add your custom Convert plus modules anywhere on your site.

Step 1. Ensure Avada Builder, or Avada Live is active.

Step 2. Create, or choose the Column you wish to add the Element into. Click on Add New Element.

Step 3. Choose Convert Plus from the Elements List.

Step 4. Choose the module type you wish to add (Modal, Info Bar, or Slide In), and then choose your specific, previously created module. These modules are created in the Convert Plus section, available from your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 5. Choose your launch type – Manual Trigger, or Inline Display. If you choose Manual Trigger, you can enter the content with which to trigger the module in the text editor at the bottom of the dialog.

Step 6. Click Save to add the Element to your page.

Element Options

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Convert Plus Element will only display if you have the Convert Plus Premium plugin installed and activated.

Location: The edit screen within each Element.

You can deploy as many individual Elements in pages and posts as you need, there is no limit. Within each of the Elements you will see a tab or tabs that house an array of options that make it possible for you to configure each Element independently, and greatly enhance your flexibility and creative options.

  • Select Module – Select the module you wish to insert. Choose from Modal, Info Bar, or Slide In.

  • Select Modal – Select the modal you want to use. Modals with status “Pause” are not included as they won’t display until you make them “Live”.

  • Select Slide In – Select the Slide In you want to use. Slide Ins with status “Pause” are not included as they won’t display until you make them “Live”.

  • Select Info Bar – Select the info bar you want to use. Info Bars with status “Pause” are not included as they won’t display until you make them “Live”.

  • Launch Type – Controls how the module will be launched. Choose from Manual Trigger, or Inline Display.

  • Content – Enter some content with which to trigger your Convert Plus module. This section will only be visible if you choose Manual Trigger.

View The Options Screen

Global Options

The Convert Plus Element does not have any global options.