Import Single Demo Pages

Import Single Demo Pages


If you don't want to import an entire demo, you can import individual pages from any Avada demo via the Fusion Builder Library section.

Importing a single demo page is different than importing a full demo. When importing single pages, you only receive a skeletal layout. If you wish to import everything from a demo, you need to use the Avada Demo Content Importer located in the Avada > Demos tab. Please read below for important information about importing single demo pages.

Important Information For Importing Single Pages

Importing a single demo page will show differences in style and layout compared to the online demos due to the items that cannot import. The items that import are the builder layout, page template, fusion page options and image placeholders. If you wish to import everything from a demo, you need to import the demo from the Avada > Demos tab. The items that do not import are listed below:

  • Importing a single demo page is to receive a skeletal layout only
  • You will not receive demo images
  • You will not receive fusion theme options
  • You will not receive custom post types
  • You will not receive sliders
How To Import Single Pages From The Fusion Builder Library

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