Blog Post Options


When editing a single blog post, you will find the local options on the Post tab of the Fusion Page Options. On that tab, are all the individual post settings that can be set for each Blog Post. These are local options, which can be configured on a post by post basis to override the global theme options, or left as is to accept the global defaults.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Fusion Page Options will override the global options set in Fusion Theme Options.

Blog Post Options

  • Choose to set this post to 100% browser width.

  • Disable the 1st featured image on single post pages.

  • In pixels or percentage, ex: 100% or 100px. Or Use “auto” for automatic resizing if you added either width or height.

  • Insert Youtube or Vimeo embed code.

  • Choose to show or hide the post navigation.

  • Choose which icons display on this post. Leave empty for default value.

  • Link URL that will be used on archives either for the rollover link icon or on the image if rollover icons are disabled. Leave blank for post URL.

  • Choose to open the single post page link in a new window.

  • Choose to show or hide the post meta.

  • Choose to show or hide the social share box.

  • Choose to show or hide related projects on this post.

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