Input Field – range


You can use the range input field to allow users to drag and select the appropriate value using a slider interface. See below example about how you can use the range input field.


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    • type
      (string) input type.
      • heading
        (string) Setting title.
        • description
          (string) Short description about the setting field.
          • param_name
             (string) Attribute name to be used in the shortcode.
            • value
              (string) Default value to be set for the field.
              • min
                ( string | number ) Minimum value required. The slider will start from this value.
                • max
                  ( string | number ) Maximum allowed value. The slider will end at this value.
                  • step
                    ( string | number ) The value will be increased or decreased by this amount when you drag slider once forward or backward.