Avada Builder Quick Start Guide


The Avada Builder is ThemeFusion’s very own page builder, now available in both front-end and back-end interfaces. With this fully featured, and easy to use page builder, you can build complex layouts without any coding knowledge at all.

With the release of Avada 6.0, we introduced ‘Fusion Builder Live’, an awesome companion to the traditional wireframe builder. In Avada 7, Fusion Builder Live was renamed to Avada Live.

View the Guided Tour Video below to get an overview of the Avada Builder, and read on for links to many Avada Builder resources.

Learn More About ‘Avada Builder vs Avada Live’

The Avada Builder Creation Process

Regardless of whether you are editing with the traditional Avada Builder wireframe editor, or the new Avada Live Editor, the creation process is the same. You always start by creating a Container. Then you add columns to the container, and then finally, add Avada Builder elements to the columns. This makes your content easier to organize and allows for maximum compatibility. To get a full description of the building process, see the ‘How The Avada Builder Works’ link below.

Fusion Builder Process
Learn About ‘How The Avada Builder Works’

Avada Builder Tools & Features

The following documents are about the Avada Builder’s tools and features, and how to use them.

  • Avada Builder Library – With the Avada Builder Library, you can save and redeploy all types of page content, from elements, columns, containers and even full pages.

  • History Feature – Redo and undo almost any action you’ve done while building a page with Avada Builder with our new History States feature.
  • Right-Click Feature – With the Avada Builder right-click feature, you can access many commands and Library functions very easily.

  • Nested Columns – You can now insert columns within columns to build more intricate and flexible page layout designs.

  • Element Search Function – Never have difficulty finding an element again with the new Element Search Function.

  • Custom CSS Per Page – Insert Custom CSS per individual page for even more in-depth design and customizations.

  • Avada Builder Starter Page – This is the starter page that you’ll encounter when building a new page with the Avada Builder.

  • Avada Builder Visibility System – Easily control which Avada Builder elements are visible on different device sizes.

  • Avada Builder Tools & Icons – To build pages with ease, it’s important to become familiar with the Avada Builder’s tools and icons.

  • Avada Builder Import Prebuilt Website Pages – Import any page from any prebuilt website with just one click!
  • Advanced Options Network Correlation – Quickly view and change Global Options.

  • Adding Elements – If you are the developer type, you can also learn how to add Avada Builder Elements in Avada Builder.

  • Responsive Option Sets – In Avada Builder, there is now an awesome feature to help you design for different screen sizes, using the same Elements.

Avada Live Docs & Videos

The following documents specifically explore the Avada Live Editor.

Technical & Troubleshooting

These document articles are about the Avada Builder’s technical features. This list includes articles about converting pages created using the old Avada Builder, the Avada Builder’s settings, and the like. Please read these articles to learn more about the Avada Builder’s technical features.

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