Tips and Tools to Recover a Hacked WordPress Site

Even the most secure websites on the internet are vulnerable to attacks and can be hacked. As a WordPress users there are some basic WordPress security settings that can prevent you from many commonly known threats. Advance users can further strengthen their WordPress security by adding more layers of security around their WordPress sites. However, lets assume that despite all these things your WordPress site gets hacked. In this post, we will discuss the things you can do to recover a hacked WordPress site. We also talk about tools and plugins you can use to clean up an infected site.

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Strengthening WordPress Security For Advanced Users

Recently we showed you some basic WordPress security settings to protect your WordPress site from some of the most common attacks. In this post, we will discuss more advanced steps that you can take to strengthen your WordPress security.

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The Basics of WordPress Security Settings for Beginners

As the world’s most popular open source CMS, WordPress is a common target for lots of miscreants of the web. From young wanna be hackers to more sophisticated malicious code distributors.

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